Berliner Liste

ベルリンのBerliner Listeというアートフェアにて、Directors Lounge(ベルリンの上映組織)のブースで僕の映像が展示されてます。作者不在でも勝手に巡回してくれるのはありがたいです。特殊なインスタレーション作品ではないので、映写の問題もないと思われます。

Silent Gold | DL at Berliner Liste
Meet us at the Berliner Liste, the fair for contemporary art, during the Berlin Art Week, September 18 to 21, 2014. We´ll screen a selection of silent single-channel installations from DL X, the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge.

Artists include Maria Bjorklund, Erdal Inci, Hara Katsiki, Hye Young Kim, Alan Smithee, Shinkan Tamaki and Andre Werner. Photography by Julia Murakami is on display at the booth of our good friend Calla Mar.

The BERLINER LISTE will be held September 18 to 21, 2014.
Opening: Wednesday, September 17 from 6 pm, Postbahnhof and Fritz Club
Fair location: Postbahnhof, Strase der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin
Entry: Day ticket 13 €, Concessions 9 €, both including brochure

Alan Smithee | Julia Murakami Lost Masterpieces #1 (red) 2010
Alan Smithee are you afraid of…, 2012
Erdal Inci TR Pictogram 1,4s 2013
Hye Young Kim KR Unfulfilled Desire II blindness 21:00 2013
Erdal Inci TR Camondo Stairs 0,4s 2013
Hara Katsiki Starseed 2012
Erdal Inci TR Flood of Light 1,4s 2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala | community 2014
Erdal Inci TR Hieropolis Amphitheatre 1,4s 2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala | necessity 2014
Erdal Inci TR Taksim Spiral 0,8s 2013
Andre Werner DE Yeosu Mandala | territory 2014
Shinkan Tamaki JP Passages 2013
Maria Bjorklund FI TKihi-Kuhi2011
Directors Lounge booth G1.34 first floor
Calla Mar booth A 0.43 ground floor

pictured: Alan Smithee | Julia Murakami Lost Masterpieces #1 (red) 2010

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