Sailing across images

Sailing across images
Film by Shinkan Tamaki
Music by Tetuzi Akiyama + Toshimaru Nakamura
from “Semi-Impressionism”(Spekk KK020)
Thanks to Spekk
Length 00:14:30
Aspect ratio 4:3
Original format 16mm B&W
Jan. 2012


Perception changes ambiguously between moving images and sound.
I went on a journey by water. I had been gazing at the calm sea for hours on the back deck. Before my eyes was endless sky, the nearly leaning sea horizon, strong sunlight shining on the surface of the water, and trails on the sea traced by the ship. The sound were of the engine and waves, vibrations propagated through the ship hull, and a pleasant breeze. I’m trying to sense every moment. I am here to watch the sea. Thinking this, I will daydream even before I know it. Occasional whistles make the scene in front of me clear.